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Amferia develops innovative medical devices to provide solutions to the global antibiotic resistance crisis. Amferia’s core focus is preventive healthcare where the goal is to provide highly efficient anti-infective medical devices that can prevent bacterial infections including those caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. Our dominant focus is within the wound care sector, producing preventive care wound patches for the pressing need to avoid antibiotic resistant skin infections. Amferia’s proprietary anti-infective technology is a result of several years of research from Chalmers University of Technology and is patent protected.

What are antibiotics? Antibiotics are medications used to prevent or cure bacterial infections in humans and animals.
Bacterial resistance is created when the bacteria change in response to the use of the antibiotic.

Bacteria become antibiotic resistant, not humans and animals.
When the bacteria get there (using antibiotics), they live on and can infect others in their path. So people or animals that are affected by these antibiotic resistant bacteria will have a more severe infection and become more difficult to cure.

Why should antibiotic resistance be prevented as well as possible?
The consequence of not starting prevention today is that WHO has predicted that by 2050 our bodies will not be able to be protected against certain resistant bacteria. That is, we will no longer be able to cure using the antibiotic in the worst case, and more infections will become more common. And if you fall ill, it would lead to longer hospital stays, high costs for medicine and treatment, and in the worst case, if not death.


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