Stockholm tunnelbana Gröna linjen

150 kr450 kr

En grafisk hyllning till Stockholms tunnelbanevagn C15 – Gröna linjen .


Denna produkt är en del av våra visuella guider där vi har samlat mer information om Stockholms tunnelbana, och som gör det lättare för dig att hitta produkter och nya favoriter.

Pop-in loves local design. Our goal is to support the local society, everything from cool shops and eateries to beautiful places or nice buildings and public transport. We want you to see and discover the local. With over 100 detailed and illustrated posters, we capture our favorite places and buildings. If you are missing something, we want you as a customer to be able to adapt a product to your needs. Look for the label ”Customize” to create your own version. Some of the products are only available in a limited edition.
For the sake of the environment, we have no stock.
Each artwork is printed when the order is placed. For sizes 40 × 50 and up, a few more days can be added.
Sold without frame.

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Stockholm tunnelbana Gröna linjen

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