Just Pop-in and say hi

The store that started as a friendly neighbour at Mariaplan in Gothenburg, a place where customers could pop in and say hi and look at local art without any purchase requirements. A place for inspiration and creativity. Our goal is to support the local community, visual guiding you to buildings, places and small businesses. Now we are only online but you are welcome to continue to be inspired and find new favorites.

Children Tram shirt offer

Best sellers

  • Spårvagn 3 poster framed
    25 kr400 kr

    Illustration of the classic trams in gothenburg.

    Which line are you? Choose your favorite line.

  • Lär dig räkna )som en Göteborgare) framed poster
    25 kr400 kr

    Lär dig räkna med de gamla klassiska Göteborgska spårvagnarna 1-9.

    Learn to count (as a Gothenburger)

  • The visual guide to Gothenburg - Part 1 - Majorna/Kungsladugård
    200 kr
    En visuell guide till Göteborg. 
    Del 1 – Majorna/Kungsladugård
    En guide till landshövdingehus, arkitektur och sköna småskaliga ställen i Majorna. 
  • Fisherwoman framed
    125 kr400 kr

    Nu finns äntligen en kvinnlig “fiskargubbe”.
    Fiskarkvinnan har kommit för att krossa fiskargubbeväldet.

    Finally there is a female “fisherman”. The fisherwoman has come to crush the fisherman’s nest.



New posters

Area guides

We have collected our favourite places and buildings in small visual guides that will guide you thru the neighbourhood or city. An easy and fun way to discover our products and places.

A journey with the 11's tram

Join a journey with the 11an tram between Bergsjön and Saltholmen. In one hour you have traveled from million programs in the suburbs to million villas by the sea. The average income per year differs more than SEK 450,000 between the two end stops. The project is a way to create awareness and insights about how different life situations people have in Gothenburg.

You wish - We create

Suggest new posters for the store by adding and voting for your favorites. We will graze the list as best we can, so keep your fingers crossed.

Customized illustration

Order a unique and personalized poster of a building that means a lot to you or someone else.