The Story

The story about Pop-in

Pop-in started in 2014, supporting local designers from Gothenburg.
The physical store was located on Mariaplan for four years, we switched completely to an online store in 2020.

Supporting local designers

It all started with a map over my neighbourhood Majorna. Digitally hand drawn, house by house, road by road. And it became a success at the A la London design fair in 2013. At the market I met many brilliant local designers who wanted to get a chance to reach out.

In 2014 I signed a contract for our first store located at Slottsskogsgatan 52. We painted the 20m2 space in turquoise and yellow – our graphic identity – and filled it with fantastic prints by local designers. The main purpose was to support small idependent artists with the love for our city Gothenburg. After two years we had more than 80 designers in our store, and needed a bigger space.

In 2017 we moved our business 100 m to the square of Mariaplan. Now we could focus on more homeware and clothing, which led to becoming the perfect gift shop in the area.
we had designers who shared the store and had their studios there during 2018.

In 2018, I began studying to be a digital designer and closed the physical store to continue online. The store is now handled by the designer who started it.

Welcome to join me online.

The designer

Andreas is the designer behind Pop-in. He has with stylish and colorful design captured Gothenburg’s soul in eye-catching, colourful pop art illustrations. With the help of his art, he has created an identity and recognition among the local people. With a very special love for the locally produced, he has been running the webshop since 2016.


Pop-in is working for social sustainability and environment.
The shop was built entirely of self-made or recycled furniture. All of our T-shirts, fabrics and tote bags are certified organic and fair trade. The posters are printed on-demand after each order is fulfilled.